Maximise Your Potential & Holiday Courses

AVSSP run a programme of Maximse Your Potential days. These days are aimed at developing a localised link between the SSP and the sports clubs in Amber Valley. It also provdies a pathway for young people to visit the local clubs and have a taster day of that sport before deciding if they would like to continue with the day. For parents it means you can see the club, it's facilities and also the next steps for accessing community sport. Providing a pathway in sport is a key area for us to ensure that children are 'maximisng their potential' in sport. Children accessing clubs or community sessions are more likely to continue with a healthy and active lifestyle later in life. 

Our holiday clubs are designed to give children sport and physical activities throughout the holiday time. We regularly run Girls Only clubs to encourage more female participation in physical activity and sport. 

All of these days can be booked by clicking on the holiday clubs tab off the main home page of the AVSSP, payments are made via paypal and you are also required to complete our information form ahead of attendance.