In School Resources

Level 1 Challenges
The document at the bottom of the page has been designed to assist with planning for upcoming competitions and events. Each sport has a number of measureable challenges which are easy to do in school with minimal equipment and an ideal way to test students skills in certain sports/activities.
These could form part or all of your selection process when arranging teams for events, could form part of a PE lesson or extra-curricular club or could be the delivery focus of your mini-leadership programme in school
Mini Leadership Resource
The below document contains advice and guidance on how to select, manage and challenge your junior sports leaders within school, from how to make the best use of the group too how often to observe each individual this resource will enable you to manage your students effectively and efficiently.
The resource includes activity cards which can be utilised either by staff or students and are aimed at pupils in KS1 or lower KS2. 
Certificates and mini leader charts to track student progress are available upon request from 
Sportshall Athletics
Sportshall Awards - This download sheet will give you the chance to test your students against national averages in Sportshall Athletics, extremeley useful when running trials for the Sportshall Athletics competitions or simply challenging students to improve.
Click this AV_Guidance document and sportshall awards class score sheet for documents to assist with the scoring and setting up of the challenges.
The 5 events in this example are Standing Long Jump, Javelin throw, Chest Push, Speedbounce and Shuttle Runs. (We do not run Javelin throw or Shuttle Runs at our SSP competitions.
Fixture Sheets
Easy to use excel documents for ideal for planning fixtures, tournaments and mini-leagues for many different sports
Excel Document with various game time options 
Fixtures for 3 teams 
Fixtures for 4 teams 
Fixtures for 5 teams 
Fixtures for 6 teams       
Multi-Sport Activities
These resources allow for sports and activities to be set up quickly and simply for enjoyable and beneficial extra-curricular provision
Playground Olympics - a power point document with document which adapts some Olympic sports and makes them playground friendly
Intra Ideas Booklet - simple, easy to set up activities aimed at KS1 students
Specific Sport challenges
Football World Cup Challenges -  Football challeges which are simple, easy and fun to participate in
Rugby Challenges - challenges which are simple to set up and are linked to Rugby
Criket Five Tests Challenge - teamwork based challenges focussing on the skills necessary to play Cricket